Saturday, January 19, 2008


Wexler Wants Hearings

A website everyone interested in justice and a new direction for the United States of America, should check out, and become involved in.

For those in Guam and the other territories who don't vote for President, don't have a vote that counts in Congress, yet get sent in huge numbers to the frontlines every American war, the issue of impeachment is still very important. We may not be "full" members of the American family, but the abuses of power that take place at the White House, Congress, the Pentagon all very much affect us.

I wrote last week about the ways in which Guam has been brought into the War on Terror. When Donald Rumsfeld and Company were looking for a place to detain their freshly captured enemy combatants, Guam was one option. This is just one instance where we on Guam could have been made accesories to the abuses and excesses of power and authority that the Bush Administration has wrought. Thankfully the island was spared this, but we are still involved everyday, as the "tip of America's spear." We are still a critical part of America's wars, legal or illegal, moral or immoral. Through the lies of the Bush Administration to get America into a war in the Middle East, we have very much been made an accessory to their violence, their crimes and their abuses.

Last year I got an email that actually informed me, that although we cannot vote for President in Guam and have no vote in Congress, the impeachment of the President and Vice-President is still something we can very much push for. Click on this link for more information: Impeachment from Guam?!


In other political news, check out these new ads for Al Franken who is running for Senator in Minnesota. The ad with his former teacher was the first political commercial since Mike Huckabee's "Chuck & Huck" ad to make me laugh out loud. Al Franken is so uncomfortable in the ads, but that's what makes him so endearing. He doesn't have alot of polish or flashiness, just his silly jokes and that silly grin. Of course like most Democrats he's not nearly "liberal" enough for me, but still it would be good to have some more politicians in Washington D.C. are trying to be ridiculous on purpose, instead of simply being ridiculous.

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Anonymous said...

You write about service members from Guam, "yet get sent in huge numbers to the frontlines every American war", who gets sent? Every one who signed up, and as one who signed up, I can reassure you that no one put a gun to my head to do so... My recommendation, if you do not wish to get sent, don't sign on the dotted line. By the way, as one whose family fought in the Revolutionary War, you have yet to fight in "every American War", not even close. But you can buy petrol for 50 cents less serving in the American military, I guess that is what the driving factor must be... So much for patriotism...


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