Thursday, January 31, 2008

Kontra i Fina'Federal I CNMI

This came from Sabina Flores Perez, a longtime environmental and economic activist from Guam. Her, myself and other members of Famoksaiyan are working on the Federalization issue of the CNMI right now. Taitai este ya put fabot konsedera umayuyuda ham gi este na che'cho'.

Dear Friends of Guam,

It breaks my heart to see these changes happen without reprieve to the island that I hold dear to me. We have seen many of our leaders who have not come forward, who have been overwhelmed by the enormous task, or who have buckled under the pressure and the sense of hopelessness which accompanies the long struggle of justice and human rights for Chamorro self-determination, that the US, as the administering power, is legally and morally obligated to fulfill.

I want to say to you that this buildup which has been reported to impact the island and her people on so many levels is not inevitable, but we must act fast.

How, do you ask? Currently, there is a bill in the Senate, that was passed in the House of Representatives in December 2007, and is expected to be voted on in the first week of February. S.2483(Title 7) which directly targets the Commonwealth of Northern Mariana Islands, will provide the means for the expediting of the buildup.

In the next couple of days, we need to flood the Senate Judiciary Committee with faxes of the attached letters before it comes for a vote as part of the Omnibus bill, and let them know that this bill is controversial and requires a closer inspection by the Senate Judiciary Committee.

At this page, Kontra i Fina'Federal, you can find form letters made out to each member of the US Senate Judiciary Committee. We are asking that you print, sign and fax them (making whatever changes you see fit to personalize them), in the next few days, so that our voices can be heard loud and clear--NO to S.2483(Title 7).


Si Yu'os Ma'ase,

Sabina Perez


To join in this fight, click on each of the links below, which contains the name, contact info for each US Senators on the Judiciary Committee. Put fabot, ayuda ham gi este na minimu.

Senator Biden
Senator Brownback
Senator Cardin
Senator Coburn
Senator Clinton
Senator Durbin
Senator Feingold
Senator Feinstein
Senator Graham
Senator Grassley
Senator Hatch
Senator Kennedy
Senator Kohl
Senator Kyl
Senator Leahy
Senator Obama
Senator Schummer
Senator Sessions
Senator Specter
Senator Whitehouse

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CarbonDate said...

I am an Illinois resident and have written to Sen Durbin on this. I hope that the people of Guam are afforded a say on this matter.


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