Sunday, September 03, 2006

Cue "Right Now" by Van Halen

News from the GUAM Team Campaign
Anigua, GU
Sunday, September 3, 2006
UA HQ: 477-8206/ 472-8206

Change Train Picks up Steam as Voters Say "Yes!" to Guam

Anigua-At their campaign headquarters in Anigua, Robert Underwood and Frank Aguon celebrated with their families and supporters after the results of yesterday\'s primary election were released. The message from Guam\'s voters today was clear: Guam needs change. From Yigo to Merizo, voters expressed their concern over the status quo and the current direction of our island. Its clear that the momentum for change is growing, and that the change train is picking up steam.

"Frank and I are humbled by the support our movement for change received today from Guam\'s voters. In listening to our people in their homes and villages for the last several months, we\'ve heard the voice for change growing louder everyday. People really are tired of having to worry about whether their children are getting an adequate education, whether they can trust the hospital to take care of their families, and if their tap water will flow from day to day," Robert said.

"Since our campaign started, Robert and I have been saying yes to improved education, yes to a revitalized economy, yes to improved and accessible health care, yes to good and open government, and yes to military expansion benefits. We are truly honored that today the voters of Guam have said yes to us, and we look forward to spreading our message of change forward to the general election," Frank said.

In the early morning, the UA Team was graciously visited by Governor Carl Gutierrez, Senator BJ Cruz,and their supporters in a show of unity behind Underwood and Aguon. Showing their gratitude, Underwood/ Aguon expressed statements regarding the Sunshine Team and welcomed the team in their headquarters with thank you signs for the entire Sunshine organization. Likewise, when members of the Team Spirit team visited, they were greeted with tremendous applause and gratitude.

"I commend each of the teams in this election for running good, clean campaigns. Each of the candidates brought a lot to the table in terms of their vision for Guam and their qualifications for Governor and Lt. Governor. Like us, the teams of Gutierrez/Cruz and Moylan/Santos ran for office because they believe Guam needs change. We share in their commitment to wanting to move Guam in a new direction for the betterment of our people. As we've said all along, in this election, it\'s not the candidates who matter, but the people. It's not about what color you wear or what sticker you have on your car, but whether or not you believe Guam needs a change. Frank and I welcome the teams of Gutierrez/Cruz and Moylan/Santos to join with us on the change train that is sweeping across the island," Robert said.

"Robert and I are incredibly humbled to be selected from such a strong field of candidates. Now we welcome the sunshine in to come together with one spirit behind a common vision: change. Because only together can we see the dawn of a new day for our people," Frank said.

"I would like to personally thank my primo, Carl Gutierrez, and good friend, BJ Cruz, for the passion with which they have run their campaign, and for their vision for improving Guam. Thank you Carl for decades of leadership and public service. Your commitment to never leaving anyone behind and being a champion of the grassroots is something we all aspire to do. Your strength in guiding Guam to recovery after natural disasters will never be forgotten. Carl, you saw opportunities that were being missed and people being left behind and you were drawn to help the people of Guam because you know we need Change. There are very few leaders in Guam's history that have had such a loyal following as you have and that is a testament to your character. My friend BJ Cruz, you have provided decades of steadfast leadership. You will continue to be a great leader for the future. The people of Guam look forward to many more years of your service, your leadership, and your friendship. I thank you Carl and BJ and the people of Guam thank you," Robert said.

Robert continued, "Kaleo Moylan and Francis Santos, thank you for the courage you have shown in challenging the status quo, and providing practical and innovative ideas with which to move the island forward. Kaleo, thank you for making the right changes Guam so desperately needs. Your leadership was evident when you could not just stand by while our deficit soared, while the hospital falls apart, and our education system continues to be in chaos. Your desire to help the people of Guam and to bring CHANGE was more important than political power. You choosing our friend Francis Santos was proof of both your desires to put ability and finding solutions above petty politics. Kaleo and Francis, you have pushed the envelope by putting aside partisan differences to change Guam. Francis, we have been long friends and I know that you will continue to be a champion for our people. I'm sure that you will also impart some of you business know-how to help reign in this government's fiscal mismanagement."

Robert and Frank concluded by inviting all the residents of Guam to hop on the CHANGE Train. What the people want is CHANGE; and the name of CHANGE is UA; and the time for CHANGE is RIGHT NOW.

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