Chamorro Public Service Post - Si Juan Malimanga

I finally got the load photo function on my blog to work so I will no finish what I started last week with Juan Malimanga. Achokka' todu giya Guahan buente esta ma tungo' ya ma li'e didide' Si Juan gi i gaseta, siempre (ya na'ma'ase) ti sina ma komprende i mama'bababa-na.

So today, I'll offer a translation of a Juan Malimanga comic strip. Often times the straight translation of Juan Malimanga into English doesn't quite capture the humor because there is an additional cultural or historical message. For example, in one strip, there is a police officer giving Juan a ticket, while there is a joke that can be gotten without knowing the intended "inside joke" for many Chamorros who were of age during Ricky Bordallo's term as Governor of Guam, they would know that the police in this strip is meant to evoke the officer who infamously gave Bordallo's limo a parking ticket.

In the following strip though, there really isn't any inside cultural/historical joke, just a silly punchline.


Juan: "Ai Jose is so pitiful, Nano (or Jose is someone to make you feel mercy or sadness)."

Juan: "Ever since he lost all his money, his friends abandoned him."

Nano: "And the rest of his friends (his remaining friends)?"

Juan: "They don't know that he's broke!"


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