Sunday, January 22, 2006

B4K Breakdowns

Beneath is a hardly exclusive look at one of my chaotic breakdowns for B4K.

I'm back from Guam, so me and my brothers are staring work again on our comic. As far as the work is concerned, I'll provide a little update. Writing-wise: I have completed the first issues and am almost down with the script and breakdowns for #3. The breakdown from above is from issue #3. Art-wise: Issue #1 is drawn and inked, and Jack is on page 12 of pencils for #2. Lettering: Issue #1 is still being worked on.

When we first started I had originally wanted to just provide a script with some simple descriptions of the the panels I wanted, but it would be up to Jack himself, as to what he would draw. But Jack requested that I drawback some simple panel breakdowns for him to, which he could either use or ignore. The result is the barely visible sketches you see above, which probably look to some like the sketchbooks of Kevin Spacey's character in Seven.

The biggest update I can offer now is that we will be presenting our comic at the Alternative Press Expo in April of this year. I would prefer to self-publish this thing, but given that I am no longer able to get new credit cards, it no longer seems feasible. We'll be showcasing B4K there in hopes of getting a small publisher interested. I'll have more details on that in the coming weeks, and also more details on the comic itself. I've been dying to tell more people about it, and once we have things better finalized, I think I'll finally be able to.

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Mari said...

Yay! Update on the comic! Hafa tatatmanu hao, Miget? Maolek yu', lao hu chathinasso put thesis-hu. Para bai hu fakpo' guiya, maskeseha. Ok, don't bash my Chamorro. I started my Saturday class here at UH, and per usual, it was a mishmash of disordered grammatical rules. At least Doktora Untalan wasn't espousing about her great contributions to the Chamorro people. That would have been gasgas na langet ha'. Anyway, just wanted to drop you a line, see how you were doing. I sent you an email last week, but it may have bounced back or something...oh well. Adios!


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