Thursday, December 08, 2005

The Scene of Liberation

I'm finishing up my papers for my quarter before I head home to Guam. Bula minagof bula minagof!

I really enjoy working with my new master's chair at UCSD Yen Le Espiritu. First of all, she's very supportive and good at reading your work and providing questions which don't just tear you apart, but try to support your project and where she thinks your project is heading. Second, she is brilliant and that is obvious to most people who meet her or take classes with her. The third reason is of course, because she encourages me to be playful in my work. Maybe you weren't expected this last one, but its true. She is very supportive of different ways of writing (she loves Avery Gordon's Ghostly Matters for this reasons) and she enjoys the way I sometimes talk about serious topics in a creative way using non-serious objects (movies, weird goofy language).

I decided to be playful then in the paper I wrote for my class with her this quarter, Race War and Violence (or as I call it, Race War and Death). Just to give a taste of how seriously silly I got, I'll give you the titles for the sections in my paper.

HACHA - where does patriotic blowback come from?

HUGUA - the obtrusive presnece of Spam

TULU - the scene of the traumatically simple

FATFAT - my speech always presupposes starving and dying bodies

LIMA - since ever since dependency

GUNUM - how Global Hawks or high altitude unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV's) become a member of my fmaily

FITI - from the scene of liberation to the scene of desertion

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Anonymous said...

I want to know more about the "obtrusive presence of spam" what do you mean by that? Heart disease?


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