Sunday, December 11, 2005

Movie Help!!!

In my work I often use movies to help me illustrate my theoretical points. Sometimes the ideas come out of watching movies and making connections between whatever I'm reading (ahhhh, so Herbie the Love Bug is the death drive!). When this happens, life is easy. Just a matter of writing this insight down and then finding someplace to put it.

But other times, the insight comes differently, through some sort of cruelly vague resonance. It hits you, or rather blindsides you and vanishes before you can see what it is. Several weeks ago while working on my master's thesis, I was blindsides by some absolutely archetypal scene, which I nonetheless can't pin to any particular film. I was trying to make a point about indigenous peoples and how even the ways we think where to look to find ourselves are conditioned by modern knowledge and a way out of this, lies in recognizing this fact and not denying it. To do so a movie scene popped into my head which would fit perfectly, however no particular movie arrived with the scene, so what I was stuck with were vague, insecure fragments which could each lead me to a different possible film, but none seemed to. I still haven't found a movie that matches this scene, but I'm sure that if you hear what I'm looking for, you'll feel a similar tug at your brain stem.

If anyone out there reading this can come up with a movie where the scene I'm about to describe takes place, please let me know, I would very very very much appreciate it.

The basic story is this, people come from a certain place, time, universe, dimension, land, etc and somehow cross into another place, time, universe, world, etc. What they find in this other place is an easy abundance of things which are rare in the place where they came from. For example, it might be an ancient treasure temple, where jewels and gold are everywhere. They take objects from this world so potent and rich, and think to return to where they came from with their haul. But happens though when they return to their land, time, dimension etc. is that what was once a scarce, treasured object, suddenly becomes plain, ugly, regular, hardly rare, hardly valueable.

If you take for example the ending of the film The Goonies, imagine that when they leave One Eyed Willy's treasure trove and meet their parents on the beach, and find that they have a bag full of jewels instead of marbles, instead of jewels coming out of the bad, its marbles or rocks.
(perhaps, to invoke a bit of Harry Potter here, and akin to Dumbledore's charm on the Philosopher's Stone in the first book, maybe the only reason they could escape with the jewels, is because they didn't know that they had them.) I have in my head a scene where a thief takes diamonds from a place, yet when he leaves they have turned to rocks. I'm looking for something like this.

Please! I'm hoping someone out there can help me. Put fabot, ayuda yu' fan!

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