Thursday, July 21, 2005

Getting in touch with my inner and outer geek

I've noticed that its very shiek lately to be a pretend geek. When I say pretend geek, I mean amass a lot of knowledge or interest in something, BUT, maintain a careful distance to the subject. From the pretend geek point of view, the basic antagonism is whether or not the knowledge, the interest will control or affect you.

Let's make a few illustrative points here. For example, today James Doohan from Star Trek has passed away. Let's see, gi maneran Goofus yan Gallant, what a pretend geek, a real geek and a real psycho geek would do.

Pretend geek: Recall during a conversation that during the film Trekkies one of James Doohan's chairs was sold for like $375 dollars at a convention.

Real geek: Immediately start pre-production for Trekkies 3: Beam Me Up Scotty.

Real psycho geek: Start tracking down whoever bought that chair in order to finish the warp core that you have begun construction of down at Public Storage.

Pretend geek: Pepper your conversations with "I can't do it captain, I don't have the power" throughout the day.

Real geek: Rush out to buy the domain name for or buy

Real psycho geek: Dress up as Worf (or another friendly neighborhood Klingon warrior) and go around scaring people on the street by yelling at them in Klingon "You can't do it, you don't have the power."

Pretend geek: Tell friends about your favorite scene or episode with Scotty.

Real geek: Force your friends to help you act out your favorite scene or episode with Scotty.

Real psycho geek: Turn the forced acting of your friends about your favorite scene or episode with Scotty into either an independet film or an theatrical production.


My problem is that I have compromised on my desire too much and have slowly sunken into pretend geekdom. Now all my geek vices become fodder for conversation starters and conversation impressers. But I have so much respect for those who refuse to give way, for those who let their geek vices control them, who decide to tamper with their desire, to refuse to let it remain at a careful distance.

After attending a party a few weeks ago where several people were openly proclaiming their geek vices, I'm trying to get in touch with, which actually means letting out and running rampant my own geek within. For example, I dressed up to watch Revenge of the Sith the day it came out! I bought Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince the day it came out. So, in other words I'm making progress.

As part of this progress, I thought I'd list for everyone my current geek vices.

Harry Potter
Star Wars
Star Trek
Anything having to do with Guam
Slavoj Zizek

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