Tuesday, July 26, 2005


I came across this on ebay. A haole lady selling her wedding rings. Check out her saga:

The Reason why my wedding ring(s) are for sale, besides to pay the mortgage............
It was 1998, I was living in Guam (a US Territory about 6-thousand miles off the coast of California) and working in Sales & Marketing for a US based airline’s Asian hub. It was a dream job, in a dream location at a dreamy time of life – 29 years old, single, no children with major debt to speak of. My job title was, “Representative of Corporate Communications & Community Relations, Asia/Pacific.” Simply stated, I handled public relations and advertising duties for the Asia/Pacific region, with the exception of Japan…not on my own, nor was I probably the best at it, but I did well enough to stay employed for six years when I decided I needed a change….not just from my job, but I needed to be gone from an apartment my former boyfriend (and future husband….you’ll understand later) and I shared before he returned from a trip to Switzerland, Spain and who knows where else! Before I move on, I must tell you that my six years with the airline brought me (either through work or by choice) to Australia, Thailand, Korea, Indonesia, Taiwan, Hong Kong (China now), France, Germany, Italy, the Pacific islands of Fiji, Western Samoa, Yap, Palau, Pohnpei, Chuuk….and the list goes on! Life was GOOD…and I got paid to do it all! Now, before I get back to the main reason I am writing….my ex-husband, actually our short-lived marriage….a bit about Guam. The Island of Guam is the Western most territory of the United States and one of the leading tourist destinations in the Western Pacific. Although located in the Northern Pacific, Guam is truly a tropical island paradise. Approximately 30 miles long and 4 to 9 miles wide, it’s located in what some call, “typhoon-alley.” In my ten years there I weathered at least ten storms, many small ones, but two super typhoons, one with surface winds clocked as high as 150 miles per hour!!!! The result of mother nature’s fist was roughly one month without water and two months without power….that’s what I call roughing it! But I loved it, every minute I spent there, every friend I made, it was home, and I still miss it today! With that said, you now know I left paradise, and the apartment I shared with my ex, for the Southern city of Louisville, Kentucky, a far cry from the islands but definitely livable. To fully explain my journey to Kentucky I’ll need to jump back to that relationship….as unpleasant as it is to do. We met through friends, and then at a bar…typical for girls in their 20’s I suspect. He was 4 years my junior, a Navy stud who had a killer bod, chiseled jaw and the brains of Einstein…yes, it’s true, he was a replica of David….but self-centered and sneaky, I never knew what he had done, what he was doing or what he would do! No, he didn’t beat me, he just treated me like crap…you know the type…lies, cheats and then comes home and acts like nothing has happened. Remember, he was in the Navy, most of his crap was done away from home, far away, it’s lucky I ever learned of it! You must be getting bored, so let me wrap-up with a very brief history of our relationship and clue you in as to the reason why I’m selling my wedding ring and band to pay the power bill. We dated two years, he asked me to leave, I quit my job and went home for six months to Denver, he sent me a ticket to visit, asked me to marry him, I did, and then six months later he asked me to leave again, said he made a mistake and didn’t want responsibility for anyone other than himself….NO BIG SURPRISE! So I left, moved to California began to work for the federal government and just managed to move from the rat race to Louisville. My credit pretty much sucks, my heart wounded and my self-confidence all but gone….but it’s getting better. I bought my first house, a new car (because I was involved in a hit and run and totaled mine one week after my arrival here…only liability and no idea who the freak was), and have been dating fine Southern men with manners and ambition! It’s all good, but I’m absolutely broke, can’t pay a frapping $400 power bill, the mortgage, car and homeowners insurance, feed the dogs and my face on my salary….pretty much my mistake but what can I do now. A second job is in my very near future, just interviewed, should be hired, but between now and that first, second paycheck….if that makes sense….I need to give Louisville Gas & Electric some money before I’m unplugged. This really is the last thing I have of value that I’m willing to part with, what the heak, it really has no meaning to me anymore anyway.

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