Tuesday, July 12, 2005

Don't phunk with my Asha

I heard "Don't Phunk with my Heart" by the Black Eyed Peas on the radio the other day. I started freaking out, not just because its a good song (gof maolek bumaila), but because I recognized the old Bollywood song they sampled to make it. It was an Asha Bhosle song from a movie I haven't seen, but I have seen the video. I was freaking out, I kept telling people, this is an Asha Bhosle song, this is an Asha Bhosle song. Despite the majority of people that I told not caring, it was nonetheless very exciting to have made that connection.

The song got so into my head that I decided to go out and buy the CD today. I popped it in and decided to check out if they credited Asha Bhosle with the song. They did, but I was surprised because I was actually only half right.

I had thought it was just the song "aye naujawan hai sab kuch" from Apradh, but what Black Eyed Peas actually credited was this as well as another Asha Bhosle song, "yeh mera dil yaar ka diwana" from the film Don.

Gof paire umbee, ya-hu dandan Indian! Ya para siha ni' sina kumomprende fino' Chamorro yan kosas Bollywood, ga'na'-ku Asha kinu i che'lu-na Si Lata. Achokka' Si Lata mas matungo', ya-hu mas i kanta-na Si Asha.

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