Friday, September 29, 2017

Inter-Generational Protest

On Saturday my kids and I were driving up to the Litekyan demonstration organized by Manhoben para Guåhan at the front gate of Andersen Air Force base. When we were almost there, a half dozen Guam police vehicles rushed by us. We quickly parked and ran over to the demonstration site across the road from the gate. We could see the line of police cars and also, to our surprise, a line of protestors blocking several of the lanes to the gate. Both kids cried "ti malago' yu' ma'aresta!" and "mungga' yu' ma'aresta." 

When we got to the demonstration site and got a better look at the line of protestors, we saw the outline of my dad and their grandfather. I walked across to join him and learn more about what was happening, Akli'e' disobeying me and sneakily walking behind me. We embraced him and he gave us an overview of what happened during the protest. I felt so proud of him that he had joined the others to symbolically block traffic and bring attention to the issue of Litekyan, but I couldn't help but ask him why he had joined. 

He acknowledged that when they had been discussing temporarily blocking the gate, he had been torn over what he should do. He said he asked himself "What would Miget do?" and then thought of his own grandchildren and future great-grandchildren not being able to visit beautiful Litekyan and he said he felt like he needed to join the protest to represent the family. 

Si Yu'us Ma'åse tatå-hu para i bidå-mu guihi na diha! Sen gefpå'go nu Guahu! Magof hu na listo hao para un tachuyi i famagu'on-hu yan i familia-ta!

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