Saturday, January 09, 2016

Ayuda Un Keyao Taotao

This image is from a painting by Joe Babauta who passed away last year and was one of my favorite professors when I was at UOG. You might recognize the figure in the bottom right corner, as it was supposed to be my grandfather, Joaquin Flores Lujan in his blacksmith garb. 

When I was taking art classes at UOG, I didn't have much space to paint at home and so I would often sneak into the second floor studio at night and paint until morning. I had a small black CD player that eventually got covered with paint from my sessions and I would blare Chamorro music while I worked. Joe, who would often times sleep in his office, would come out all groggy when a song played that he particularly liked.

At this time I was just learning to speak Chamorro and was just getting into Chamorro music. Every time "Matulaika i Siniente," "Ayuda Un Keyao Taotao" or "Guahu sin Hagu" would come on he would suddenly appear at the studio door wailing like a wounded techa. Usually after laughing for a bit, I would end up wailing beside him.

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