Wednesday, May 07, 2014


For many years I dreamed of Pagat.

Para meggai na anos manguiguife yu' put iya Pagat.

But last week I dreamt about Litekyan.

Lao gi i ma'pos na simana manguife yu' put iya Litekyan.

These two places are very important and you could say they are sacred to Chamorros.

Este na dos na lugat siha gof impottante ya sina un alok sagradu para i Chamorro siha.

But their stories are complicated.

Lao i estoria gof kumplikao yan matahlek.

The majority of people on Guam believe that Pagat is an important place that must be protected.

I meggaina na taotao giya Guahan, ma hohongge na gaibali iya Pagat ya debi di u ma prutehi.

But for a very long time, that was not what our people felt. 

Lao para un sen apmam na tiempo ti taiguihi i hinasson i taotao-ta.

For a while they forgot put its sacredness, and when the military first tried to take it, they almost let it go.

Manmaleffanaihon put i sinagradu, ya anai fine'nina i militat ha keganye', kana' ma sotta ha'.

But a movement emerged, formed from many different types of people and they change the consciousness of the public. 

Lao humuyong un kinalamten, fina'tinas meggai na diferentes na taotao, ya ma tulaika i hinasson i taotao.

Ma baba i hinasson-niha sa' ma fa'nu'i siha na este meggai na lugat guini gi isla-ta, manyinite.

They opened minds and showed them that many places here on Guam have already been lost. 

Esta meggai na lugat masakke', machule' pat mabende, ya ti sina ta na'mahakot este lokkue'.

Many places have already been stolen, taken, sold off, and we can't allow this place to be taken as well. 

Lao kao para u huyong i parehu na hinasson krtikat gi este na momento put este otro na lugat?

Will the same same critical consciousness emerge at this moment for this other place?

Sina mohon.

It is possible. 

I bali-na para i kumunidat gi Litekyan mas takhilo' kinu i balin Pagat anai i militat ha kechule'.

The value of the community for Litekyan is much greater than that of Pagat when the military tried to take it.

Esta gof matungo' iya Litekyan.

Litekyan is well known. 

Esta gof maguaiya gi meggai na manera, put i ga'ga' yan i ginefpago.

It is well loved in so many ways, because of the animals and the beauty there. 

Gaige guihi lokkue' un estoria taihustisia, put taimanu na ti mana'na'lo i tano' guihi nu i mismo manduenu.

There is also a history there is injustice, about how the land was not returned to its original owners. 

Sina mandana' todu este, ya sina manmama'tinas kinalamten ni mas dangkolu kinu ayu in fa'tinasi iya Pagat.

These can all come together and create a movement that is bigger than the one we created for Pagat. 

I na'an Litekyan ginen i palabra "fanlitiyan," i lugat nai manliliti.

The name Litekyan comes from the word "fanlitiyan," or the place of stirring.

Sina ta fa'tinas ayu na kinalamten pulitikat yan sosiat, debi di ta liti ha'. 

We can create that political movement, we just need to stir.

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