Monday, January 21, 2013

Chamorro Sentence Email List

I have a Chamorro Sentence email list. Every day or so I send out an email to everyone on the list featuring a basic sentence in Chamorro. You are encouraged to email back a reply to the sentence to either myself or the entire email list. If is entirely up to you how you want to use the list. You can ask yourself the question and then say your response out loud. You can write it down. You can send it to myself or to others and share your response. Hagu la'mon taimanu na mausa este na lista. 

Here is the sentence that was sent out today. Chamorro Sentence #99:

Hafa i mas ya-mu na fañochuyan Chamorro?

or in English: "What is your favorite Chamorro restaurant?"

If you are interested in joining the list, please send me your email at

Otro fino'-ta: For those interested, Chamorro classes at Java Junction will be starting again this Friday,  January 25th at 12 pm. Classes are free and open to everyone and of all skill levels. The more students we have the more interactive it can be. If enough show up I may divide people into different groups based on their existing learning level.

Si Yu'us Ma'ase.

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