Saturday, September 01, 2012

Bluem Pacific This Weekend

Bluem Pacific will be hosting its first Film Workshop Series on September 2nd 2012! Explore how to write a script, get tips and advice on acting, learn how to choreograph awesome fight scenes, and much more at the UOG Lecture Hall starting at 3pm! All workshops will be intro-styled workshops, so don’t you dare be intimidated about anything!

Following the workshops, is a film showcase exhibiting 100% locally produced films that promote culture appreciation, environmental care, and community development!

Both the Film Workshop series & the Film Showcase will be FREE!? Wow Wee!!!

*IMPORTANT INFO – All workshop participants under 18 years of age must have a parent/legal guardian present to register. Registration begins at 230PM in the UOG Lecture Hall.

Event Location: UOG Lecture Hall (between The English and Communications Bldg and The Humanities and Social Sciences Bldg)

Workshop Series: 3PM to 6PM
Film Showcase: 6PM to 9PM

The mission of Bluem Pacific is:

The “Bluem Pacific” film showcase comes, unique, with a mission to promote culture and positive storytelling through the eyes of our local filmmakers. Bluem also works to provide educational awareness opportunities,in hopes to broaden the skill set necessary for effective and positive storytelling in film.

Stories of culture, environmental care, values and positive development, are the stories we want to tell our community !

Bluem ?
Blue + Bloom = Bluem
“Bloom” representing the growth stages of a beautiful flower, found only in the islands and “Blue” represents the ocean that connects our people of the Pacific. By fusing both words together, blue and bloom, we get one symbolic word that represents our mission perfectly“To inspire the development of a beautiful community here in the Pacific Islands”.

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