Tuesday, September 13, 2011

UOG Student Protest Today

From F.I.T.E. Club:

Hafa adai todus hamyo, as you may know, the University of Guam is having a public hearing for the tuition increase proposal. When: Tuesday September 13, 2:00. Where: Business Building Room #129. If this news is new to you, here are some facts!

Hafa, Tuition Increases? YES! For residents, the rates will increase 10% in Spring Semester 2012 and will increase another 5% in both Academic Years 2012-13 and 2013-14. Let's look at Now: $190 per credit; Spring 2012: $209; Fall 2012: $220, Spring 2013: $231!!!

-Let's put this in numbers!!: A full time 12 credit student pays $2280 RIGHT NOW! Spring 2012: $2508! Fall 2012: $2640! Spring 2013: $2772
Students are already struggling to stay in school and many will not be able to afford college soon jeopardizing the future of our island. Without educated youth, future leaders will be fewer than it would have been. On this note, F.I.T.E. Club is organizing a protest/rally (whatever you want to call it). The purpose is to show up together as a student body to the public hearing and voice our opinions. We need to make them know that this student body will not just be passive to everything, and that we have a voice. We want to show up and get more details on the increase proposal as well as offer solutions on ways to mitigate the financial situation of the students. PLEASE JOIN US! THIS IS YOUR FUTURE TOO!
We will be meeting Tuesday, September 13 (30 minutes before the actual public hearing) at 1:30. We shall meet at the HSS ROTUNDA, gather there, and then walk into the public hearing together! It would be cool if people made signs for this event and were amped up. Have confidence in the process. We really do hope to see you there. If you have any questions, join our group on Facebook and ask! Here is the link:

Asta ki!

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