Tuesday, November 02, 2010

A Youtube Look Back

Esta ma tutuhun tumutufong i botu siha para i Dos Mit Dies na Botasion guini giya Guahan. Bai hu kekeegga' i tinifong este ki munhayan, puede ha' ti esta chatangmak annai sina ma takfiha hayi manggana'.

Before the results are in for the Guam election, I thought I would post below some of the ads from the Democratic and Republican Gubernatorial teams. Some of them were pretty interesting.

The Guamanian Dream. This isn't really a political ad, it's just a mashed up collection of stereotypical images and metaphors meant to convey strength, good feelings and the future. Oh, wait, that is what a political ad is.

The Carl Gutierrez narrative of him reaching out to help anyone in need is very appealing, unless you actually think about that as a matter of Government policy, where it would lead to bankruptcy and serious government overextension.

I don't know what is more painful to listen to. Pandering in Chamorro to voters, or pandering in Tagalog. I understand if their Tagalog is bad because they don't really speak it, but it is disgusting to have Chamorro candidates who can't even pretend to speak the language.

Why couldn't Carl Gutierrez get an endorsement from Clinton today? It is a nice historical piece, but it also reminds us how old Carl Gutierrez is.

Taya' snark, I just really like this video.

Ya-hu este, sa' puru ha' gi fino' Chamoru.


Karelin said...

Di Pandering in Tagalog, todu taotao Chamoru ti fumino' chamoru kalan ti taotao Chamoru siha.

Karelin said...

Di Pandering in Tagalog, todu Chamoru siha na ti fumino' chamoru kalan ti taotao Chamoru siha sa' fumino' ha' gi fino' engles.


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