Thursday, November 11, 2010

Heritage Hikes

For those of you who like hiking, learning more about Guam’s history and natural environment or, like me, are looking for an excuse to get some exercise, I’m helping organizesomething this month you might be interested in.

I’m working with We Are Guahan to hold three “Heritage Hikes” on three different Saturdays in November.

Last Saturday we hiked down to Pagat Cave, Cliff and Village. This coming Saturday we'll be hiking down to Cetti Bay and up Sella Bay. Next Saturday we'll be taking our last hike up to Humuyong Manglo and Mount Lamlam. I'll be helping lead each hike and be talking to people about some of the historical, cultural and biological importance of each area.

The Pagat hike was very successful with more than 30 people joining us. I'm hoping for at least the same amount, maybe more for the next two.

If these hikes are that successful and people really enjoy them, then I'll work on organizing some more early next year, perhaps to some different sites.

More information on the hikes can be found below:


As part of its continued efforts to engage and educate the community on the impacts of the proposed buildup, We Are Guåhan is sponsoring “Heritage Hikes: Tungo’ i Estoriå-ta” throughout the month of November. These hikes will focus on sites that will be affected by the proposed buildup (Pågat and Mount Lamlam), as well as historic sites that were previously threatened by proposed military expansion (Cetti and Sella Bay). Professor Michael Lujan Bevacqua will be giving information on the history of each site throughout the hike.

The schedule is as follows:

November 6, 2010 – Pågat Village (Meet at Pågat trailhead along The Back Road)
November 13, 2010 – Cetti / Sella Bay (Meet at Cetti Bay parking lot)
November 20, 2010 – Mt. Lamlam (Meet at Sella Bay parking lot)

The show-time for all hikes is 8:30am, go-time 9:00am. All participants must bring LOTS of water and should bring light snacks or lunches. All participants should also dress appropriately and bring gloves. There will be sword-grass on some areas of the hikes.

If you have questions about the Heritage Hikes, contact

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