Tuesday, October 26, 2010


This past week I hit a big milestone in terms of my Youtube account.

I finally got to 100,000 total views for all my videos.

I currently have about 360 videos, and get a couple of hundred hits a day.

For someone who has no editing program and has used for four years a series of pretty crappy cameras, it is a big deal to have reached this many hits.

I thought to celebrate this occasion, I'd paste below my top 18 most watched videos.

Now keep in mind that these videos are the most watched and not necessarily the highest-rated or my favorites. Some of them, are simply high up on the list because they were given names which people who know nothing about Guam or care nothing about myself or Chamorros would look up and end up accidentally watching a few seconds of. Some of them are several years old, from when my video cameras had very limited memory and so they are pretty short and quick. Right now I use bigger memory cards which can hold longer files, but I'm still limited by pretty slow internet, where a 8 minute video can take 2 hours to load.

The videos are listed in order of which is the most watched, to the least.


I have no idea why so many people watch this video of Congresswoman Bordallo speaking in the House, but it is almost to 20,000 views.

A video of my brother and I, helping our grandfather make an adze. This video was one of my first real experiences blacksmithing with my grandfather, Tun Jack Lujan, who is Guam's Chamorro Master Blacksmith.

The quality of this video is so poor, I have no idea why anyone would want to watch it. The video itself was taken two years ago during the Pa'a Taotao Tano' Festival held at GPO in Tamuning.

Earliest this year, the crew for the show Destination Truth came to Guam to investigate Taotaomo'na and whether these ancestral spirits were real or not. While I was at Ipao Beach one day, they happened to be there filming at the Ancient Chamorro village which was built near the playground last year. This video was uploaded 6 months ago and already has almost 2,500 views, which for me is "meteoric" in terms of views.

A video of Senator BJ Cruz asking questions at a JGPO Public meeting in January of 2009 in Agat. I think this video has alot of hits because of UOG students doing military buildup papers who are Googling around.

A student who had missed a bunch of classes and was hoping to get extra credit in my Guam History class brought some musicians from Biggah and Betta to DUB to my class for Chamorro month. They sang "Inner Voices" from Marianas Homegrown. I gave the student extra credit, but he never came to class again after this.

A video of Sumahi's first karabao ride in Umatac when she was just 8 months old. She still loves to ride karabao more than two years later.

My brother and my nephew practicing blacksmithing, although according to grandpa in this video they don't sound very good when they are hammering.

This video is taken the last time I was helping to film a documentary for a stateside director which has been in progress for more than 10 years now. It will hopefully be done soon, I've seen several cuts of it which look like it is almost finished.

I stayed in San Diego, CA for five years while attending graduate school, and got to spend alot of time at the Sons and Daughters of Guam Clubhouse, which is home to one of the oldest Chamorro Clubs in the US. This video is of one of the lunches there, which was primarily for older Chamorros, but I would sometimes attend.

On January 30th, 2009 the remains of 88 Ancient Chamorros which were discovered and unearthed during the remodeling of the Fiesta Hotel in Tumon were re-interned at a small monument near the hotel's parking lot. A ceremony was held in their honor, asking forgiveness for the desecration and also to honor them in their reburial. In this video, the students of Hurao are singing at the ceremony's end.

I put up a lot of videos from my 2008 trip to the Democratic National Convention in Denver, but very few of them have a serious amount of hits. This is the only one to be over a thousand, and interestingly enough the candidate who is speaking Ashwin Madia did not win the seat he was running for in Congress.

The first video I ever uploaded. It was actually downloaded from a DOD website.

Taken from the First Guam Music Festival in December of last year.

Every year in October, the Guam Council on the Arts and Humanities Agency organizes displays at the malls on Guam. I always have to attend to display my grandfather's tools, and so I always get to enjoy the dancing and singing which is part of the events. In this video Rasa Acho' Latte is performing to a famous Johnny Sablan song "Shame n' Scandal."

The first few videos I uploaded were all taken from other sources, such as this one which is a KUAM News interview with Congresswoman Bordallo after she had recently visited Iraq.

On September 20, 2008 a historic event took place on Guam. For the first time in over two centuries a Chamorro made sakman canoe could be found in the waters around Guam.

The canoe and navigation tradition of Chamorros was intentionally wiped out by the Spanish in the early 18th century following the Chamorro-Spanish Wars. The creation of this sakman canoe, by a coalition of navigation groups called TASI, represents the exciting return and revival of a cultural form that colonialism deemed dangerous to its interests. This canoe and the revival it represents is decolonization in action. A refusal to let this form which was once so integral to Chamorro life, languish in archives, but become part of our contemporary existence.

This sakman, named The Saina, later traveled to Rota.

In this video, singers from Taotao Tano' are blessing the sakman with a song. The blessing ceremony took place at the guma'sakman in Hagatna.

Sumahi, at around 1 1/2, sort of singing along to a J.D. Crutch song.

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