Saturday, June 19, 2010

SK Solidarity Trip Quotes: Militarism vs. Eco-Tourism

"The [Jeju] government only thinks of economy in terms of military money. But they do not see the economic potential of this beautiful place. If Gangjeong is to be developed it should be through eco-tourism not militarization…

We, the people of this island should determine what our fate should be. The geography of this island puts us at a very important crossroads between nations. We should make the choice to develop this island because of its beauty through eco-tourism and not through militarization, which would only make us a target…If we all fight, who will win? No one. We would be gone in three seconds. To survive we must pursue dialogue and seek co-existence, not seek to force one another."

Kang Dong-Kyun
Mayor of Gangjeong Village
Jeju Island, South Korea
(via an interpreter)

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