Thursday, May 27, 2010

300 Videos

I recently hit 300 videos on Youtube.

My videos are literally nothing special. Most of them are just random snippets of my life, whether in California or Guam. You'll see my kids, events I attend, my classes, things that I pass by which are interested. They aren't edited, they aren't flashy and for many of them, the camera is so shaky, kulang manunukot gui'.

My hope for these videos is that 1,000 years from now, when humanity has been wiped from the face of the earth, as in the movie A.i., and an advanced alien race visits the planet to try and discover what used to be here, someone, for some insane reason, one of my videos will be the only remanants of human life. And so those alien researchers, archeologists really, will have to conclude that the rules of this world was a cute little girl named Sumahi and that everyone spoke Chamorro with a cute valley girl accent.

Anyways, enough silliness. I'm past belowing some of the more interesting picks from the last 100 videos I've uploaded:


I recently co-wrote the script for a play/show which will be premeired this weekend May 28th and May 29th, titled "Guahan: Fanhasso, Fanhita yan Fanachu." The show will celebrate the 10 years anniversary of the cultural dance group Inetnon Gefpago. In order to prepare the kids for the show, we had a number of workshops with them, one of which, as you can see in the video below, was at the Pagat Cave area.

The DEIS comment period for the military buildup happened from November 2009 - February 2010. During that period there was a flurry of activity around criticizing the buildup and informing people about its impacts. At one of the public meetings that was held to provide comments for the buildup, I filmed those who were entering in a group to show their outrage at certain aspects of the buildup.

I went on a number of hikes since the start of this year, one of which was to Cetti and Sella Bay in Southern Guam. This is a video of the Cetti Bay.

The Syfy show Destination Truth came to Guam, to film a show about taotaomo'na and local spirits. By chance, I caught them while they were visiting an Ancient Village recreation at Ipao Beach in Tumon.

Segundo Maga'lahi of Guam, Michael Cruz finally announced that he's running for Governor of Guam this year.(with Senator Jim Espaldon as his running mate) I was invited to their kick-off event by my cousin who works in his office. Cruz has known my family for a long time, and so it is possible that Cruz will be i gayu-hu gi i maimaila na botasion para i Maga'lhin Guahan.

Even though my grandfather has been sick for the past 6 months I still apprentice under him and work with him in his shop (an guaha fuetsa-na). Right now, there are only three tools that I can make on my own: the kamyo (coconut grater), the soh'soh (coconut extractor) and the hehgao (coconut husker). In this video, I am working on making a hehgao from a piece of rebar.

In my brother Jeremy 's (Kuri) effort to be involved in almost anything musical on Guam, he was a part of the show "Disney Through the Years" which featured the UOG Jazz Band and University Singers performing famous hits from various Disney movies.

For Chamorro months I went around and gave alot of presentations, both for myself and on behalf of my grandfather. Its usually one of the busiest months for me. This past Chamorro months however I was given a special treat by one of my students who was hoping to bring up their grade. He asked if he could receive some extra credit if him brought some musicians in to the class to celebrate Chamorro music and share a Marianas Homegrown song. I said sure, and as you can see from the video below, it was gof paire.

Sisigi ha' i mas paire Si Sumahi. Ti puniyon este na fakto. Yanggen ti un hongge este, siempre taihinengge hao, ya umabak hao gi este na lina'la' yan mundo. Hami, Si Sumahi yan i otro manhohongge, para bei in taitaiyi hao.

And last but not least, a new addition to this blog, i lahi-hu Si Akli'e'.

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