Thursday, March 11, 2010

Enemies of Glen Beck Unite!

Apparently in addition to being attacked on the forums and comments for Guampdn, I was also recently attacked by Fox News commentatory yan hakate na taotao, Glen Beck. I was forwarded this email earlier today, which led me to a link where I watched a video of Beck creating one of his famous Dadaist works of art on a chalkboard, which professed to explain some massive communist or socialist takeover of the United States government. And lo and behold amongst the names of Stalin, Che and Hillary Clinton, there was "Michael Lujan Bevacqua."

If you believe in Democratic party values or various progressive causes, then I'm willing to bet that Beck has a space for your on his chalkboard. If you'd like the view the video that I watched and even type your own name in, just click here.

The video was made possible by, Brave New Films and the SEIU.

I'm pasting pictures of my version of the video below, but there's something so very funny about this. Even though the video is meant to be satirical, when Glen Beck calls Barack Obama a communist, Beck is a moron. But when he calls me a "pinkocommieleftycrat" he's not really that far off.


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