Bill 185 - Legislate Love

Last Friday while I was opening my grandfather's shop at the Chamorro Village, I took a break to head over to Chief Kephua's circle where a wave was being held to bring awareness to Bill 185 which the Guam Legislature will soon debate. The bill has been very controversial since it was first proposed as it would provide for civil partnerships and therefore legal couple rights/benefits for gay couples.

I've included below some pictures and a press release written by Guam Youth Congress speaker Derek Baza Hills about the wave.

If you are interested in learning more about these issues you can follow the GALA Guam Twitter feed.

Proponents of Civil Rights and Bill 185 “Civil Partnership” to hold Thank You wave

(Hagåtña, Guam – Thursday; February 4, 2010) As the Guam Legislature counts down until the expected February 22 scheduled session date, Bill 185 will appear before Senators and debate on the merits of the bill. As over thousands of families, friends and proponents ponder on whether which elected official will vote -yes on bill 185, supporters will host a “Thank You, Guam” wave.

The wave is dated to be held on February 12, 2010 at 4:30-6:00 pm at the Chief Quipuaha loop in Hagatna. As one of the advocates of this sensitive piece of legislation, I am inviting all, men and women, youth and adult who feel and believe in Equality to partake in this event and let the People of Guam know how Civil Rights means to you and that it should be a right not a privilege. Since June of 2009, many came out in opposition to the civil partnership bill not because they believe same-gendered partners are less looked upon but based on their religious upbringing.

In comparison, there were just as much if not more who showed up at town hall meetings and public hearings to express their belief in this civil issue and that same gendered civil partnerships deserve to be recognized for the legal benefits and rights afforded to heterosexual unions. I encourage our youth to execute what they have learned in Social Studies and American Government classes on Civil Rights. This is a movement for the future. Moreover, a fight we must win.

Derick Baza Hills
Speaker, Guam Youth Congress



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