Saturday, September 12, 2009

I'm So Tired

Ai adai, there are so many useless and stubborn people in this world. They suck the life out of you, waste your time, and somehow have enough ego and energy left over to make it seem like you are the problem with the world.

As you grow older, and time become more precious and energy becomes harder to come by, they are all the more deadly and all the more irritating. Everyday as I encounter people like this, I wish I could just close my eyes, fall asleep and when I awake they'd be gone.

Here is a poem, in honor of these such people.


Gi painge

Gi maigo'-hu

Mangguife yu'

Na ti sina mumaigo' yu'

Ayugue i chi-na

I yinafai-hu


Last night

In my sleep

I dreamt

That I couldn't sleep

That is the nature

Of my exhaustion

1 comment:

charissa said...

Simple yet it expresses it all. BTW, Thanks again Miget for you,jessica and dylans help with the Mural. It is turning out beautifully. We have been blessed with all of your energies- especially sumahi. Get some needed rest che'lu!


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