Sunday, June 07, 2009

Dissertation Defense

If you are in San Diego with nothing to do, then you are cordially invited to my
Yanggen manggaige hamyo giya San Diego, ya tåya' bidan-mimiyu, pues manmakombibida hamyo para iyo-ku

Ethnic Studies, UCSD

June 8, 2009, 9:30 am
University of California San Diego
Social Sciences Building
Room 103

"Chamorros, Ghosts and Non-Voting Delegates:
GUAM! Where the Production of America's Sovereignty Begins."


Michael Lujan Bevacqua
Taotao Chumalamlam
Familian Kabesa yan Bittot

If you have any questions please email:
An guaha finaisen-miyu put fabot email ha' yu' gi:

Maila yan Fanekungok yanggen siña hamyo!!

Thank you!
Si Yu'us Ma'åse!

Yanggen malago un tungo’ mas put i tinige’-ku yemme’ este na link.

Below are five pictures of my dissertation


Liz said...

Good luck!!!

Kel Muna said...

Congrats, Miget! Way to go! HAPPY GRADUATION!

peter anderson said...

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