Saturday, December 13, 2008

2nd Annual Golden Duke Awards

Talking Points Memo TV is proud to present the 2nd Annual Golden Duke Awards! The video introducing the awards as well as the categories on info on how you can submit nominees are below.

The awards were started last year in honor of disgraced and mapresu San Diego Congressman Randy "Duke" Cunningham, and are meant to honor each year's spectacular achievements in corruption, betrayals of the public trust and shameful behavior in general. Last year, former Guam resident Ginger Cruz was nominated in the category "Corruption Chutzpah," for her blending of corruption and "witchcraft." Lao dimalas, sa' ti manggana' gui'.

The nominations are open to the public, and so anyone out there can write something up and submit it to TPM. The bloggers at TMP will gather up all the submissions and then send a list of five or six nominees to their judges who will then choose the winners. The judges this year are: Rick Hertzberg, Susie Bright, John Dean, Dahlia Lithwick and TPM alums Paul Kiel and Spencer Ackerman.

There were plenty of shameful acts last year in the running, but the funniest nominees, were all Republican officials who were nominated because of their "poorly executed bathroom sex."

Here's the video of last year's winners:

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