Saturday, June 14, 2008

Blogs Ni' Hu Taitaitai

I've got a couple of posts that I've started recently on everything from Jesus Christ Superstar and Barack Obama to the political predispositions of Chamorros. Unfortunately I haven't had a chance to finish any of them yet because some other writing commitments have come up.

I'm working on a new article right now for an anthology on minority resilience. My piece will discuss Chamorro resiliency to American colonization, focusing on the paradox of the apparent "success" of American colonization of the island following World War II, and at the same time the oppositional consciousness and decolonization movements that have also emerged. I've written quite a bit on both of these topics on my blog and in my academic work, and so part of this article will be a reworking of stuff I've already done, but also an effort to push it a little bit further in hopes of providing a window into the state of Chamorro consciousness today.

Pues depensa yu', I thought instead though I'd share some of the recent blogs and blog posts I've been checking out. I nobia-hu Rashne recently started a blog of her own, and her first post on the Democratic Primary and feminism is very insightful.


the maile vine - Countdowns and Remembrances

Pensaimento Cimarron - Race Baiting and White Entitlement Tantrums

Sometime, Maybe - If This is Feminism, Count me Out

The Insular Empire - Finally: A (Non-Voting) Delegate for the CNMI

Desde Sanlagu para Guahan - Competition, non-profit style 2

The Command Post - Guam: An Object Lesson on the U.S.'s Designs for Iraq

Galaide Diaries - Are You Serious?

vlogbrothers - VeepStakes!

Veracifier - Hit the Road, Joe

Whatever - Fox News Would Like to Take a Moment to Remind You That the Obamas are as Black as Satan's Festering, Baby-Eating Soul

The Saipan Blogger - Where we stand

Squarestate - Small d-democracy advocates invade CO

Tejascubbie - The hiatus from hell and the post from hell

brady braves - Crowbama for Prez

Latitude 13 - Guam Seizes Rare Moment in Political Spotlight

The Angry Pineapple - And Then There Were None

Dallas South - All Clinton All the Time: Did Hillary Clinton Win the Nomination?

Guma'Famoksaiyan - Photos from Guma'Famoksaiyan

Forever Ka'ili - Hokulea

Antes di bei hanao, bei fa'nu'i hamyo ni' este na mampos na kinute videon Sumahi. Gaige yu' gi lagu, lao gaige Si Sumahi giya Guahan. Hu hungok gui' gi i tilifon kada na hu agang Si nana-na, lao pinat ginnen este na video siha, nina'tungo' yu' hafa tatatmanu gui'.

I ma'pos na biahi na umali'e ham, esta sina tumohgue' gui', lao gagu gui' ya ti ya-na mamokkat. Lao atan ha' matulaika-na pa'go, esta mamomokkat gui' gi todu lugat, ya kumakanta gi i hinanao-na! Esta ha na'lilisto gui' para iyo-na campaign para i "Maga'haga' Guahan." Mampos kinute i sinangan-na. Siempre manggana gui' an malalago.

Ai adai, sen mahalang nu Guiya, ya hu diseseha na ha hahasso ha' hayi yu'.


Shawn Williams said...

Nice site and thanks for the link

Anonymous said...

Acabo de ver tu blog.
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