Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Madeleine After Iraq

About six months ago I posted my first video on Youtube, which was a news brief made by the US Air Force about a town hall meeting that they had had with the residents of Guam about the impending military buildup.

I've been meaning to put another one up for a while but haven't gotten a chance yet. So since I have a spare moment now I thought I'd put one up real quick. I didn't make this video or the other one, but just stumbled across them while surfing the net for Guam stuff and thought they should be something that Chamorros and others from Guam should be able to check out.

This video is an interview with Guam's non-voting delegate to Congress Madeleine Bordallo, after she has just returned from a visit to Iraq and Kuwait. Here is the description that I put for the video, "Kumuekuentos Si Kongresu Madeleine Bordallo put I hinanao-ña giya Iraq. Ai kulang taisensia Si Bordallo. Puru ha’ minagof put i gera. Parehu ha’ todu i mampulitikåt siha. Ma na’fanhanao ya na’fanggera i mansindålu (pinat i manopble), mientras mansasafu siha ya manmaimaigo’ maolek todu giya i gima’-ñiha giya Washington D.C."

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