Monday, September 24, 2007


Minagahet Zine and this blog No Rest for the Awake - Minagahet Chamorro were both started several years ago by myself and The Chamorro Information Activists, and as the names of both websites and even the organization itself indicate, our primary interests are always information and truth. From the mission statement I wrote to accompany the starting of Minagahet, these websites were created with the intent of finding and providing new access to truth, and getting beyond the very limited ways that both the media as well as the community at large in Guam tend to know their history, perceive their present, and plan for their future.

Guam faces a terrifying future. On the horizon, we are being told by so many sources, Federal, local, military, Chamber of Commerce,( puru ha' atmariao), that there is nothing but fantastic prosperous shores ahead with the impending American military build-ups the island is confronting. The only snag that we could possible hit, is if we screw it up by not being ready to take all the billions of dollars the Feds, the Japanese, the military and Home Depot are just dying to give to us. Lying in wait however are things which not enough people are talking or thinking about. Also looming on the horizon is even more environmental damage which the military increase promises, which will pile on top of the toxic mess that we already live with. Housing prices and utilities are threatening to soar, as those that have the means prepare to develop their resources or sell them, and those with little or nothing, merely hope to survive all the economic health that is about to ravage the island. Decolonization in general seems to move further and further away from the consciousness of Chamorros and others on Guam, as a flood of American carpetbaggers, corporations and military personnel all seem to signify a "prosperous and cheery" re-colonization of the island.

The most recent issue of Minagahet, "Halacha' Giya Guahan..." is a compilation of newspaper articles and newspiees which all provide critical information or perspectives on this military increase. It is by no means meant to be complete, but was put together primarily for those who want to know more, but don't have time to aligao online for hours at a time trying to find months old articles on the Tiyan landowners or Agent Orange storage on Guam. It is my hope that, knowing the severity of our situation in Guam that more people here and abroad will be willing to stand up, make demands and work to effect some positive change! After scanning through these lists, if you find that they are esta matungo' or old news, you can head to these blogs for much much more information: JGPO Blog and the Decolonize Guam Blog.

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