Saturday, September 22, 2007

Manmayalaka I Hinasso-ku Siha

My brain has been a little off lately, and I think its because my mind has been persistently occupied by a strange mixture of things. Lately I've developed this unnerving habit of having two songs in my head at once, both of them playing at the same time, and in their unholy mixture insisting very forcefully that I seek them out in the real world and listen to them repeatedly until the barrage is gone. Sometimes the yinalaka isn't too bad like when the songs go well together, or just sound like an exciting new mix. Or sometimes its not even obvious that two songs are intertwined because the songs sounds so similar or are from the same artist. Its common for instance for me to get the songs "Crazy" and "Crying" by Aerosmith stuck in my head at the same time, and think that the song I need to listen to is "Amazing."

The past few days have been slightly strange, because my brain has been a muddled mess of two very different songs, and the Cricket Twenty20 World Cup. The first song is "You Can Find it On TV" performed by Brian and Stewie from the show Family Guy, which was presented at the Emmy's last week. The second song is "Dil Deewana Bin Sajni" from the film Maine Pyar Kiya, the 1989 breakout hit for the Bollywood actor Salman Khan. As these two very different songs become entangled inside of my mind, they become the soundtrack for the enthralling and exciting matches currently taking place in South Africa at the Twenty20 Cricket World Cup. So as Salman Khan's character Prem is singing to the love of his life, holding a set of wedding bangles, trying to melt both the hearts of her and her father, he is constantly, rudely interrupted by Stewie and Brian, who are irrevently teasing Scrubs as not funny and the women of Desperate Housewives as being 65. But these lyrics and tunes are clashing above a thrilling cricket match! Such as the one between India and England the other day, in which Yuvraj Singh scored six sixes in an over! An un egga' i kachido, kalang ti hongge'on, gof fotte yan kapas este na lahi. Gi ayu na momento, taiparehu!

Needless to say, its been a weird week so far. And for those interested in tasting even a little bit of this weirdness, click the videos below, all at the same time.


charissa said...

This has happened to me:
"oh Mr. sun, sun my dear golden sun wont you please shine down on me . . .(of Barney fame)
with "uncle sam, sam my dear uncle sam . . ."

Then the songs combine:
". . . hiding behind the tree. . . wont you please come out so we can play with you . . . uncle sam, sam my dear uncle sam . . . please shine down on me . . ."

Quit Disturbing and really irritating.

words and steel said...

whoa!!! i had Crazy AND Crying in my head just now, at the same time! weird... it's not like i've thought about those songs at all in the past, say, ten years or so.


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