Wednesday, April 04, 2007


Probably won't be able to post for a little while so I thought I'd show you one of my paintings instead. Na'magof hao, ya asi'i yu' put fabot put i tinaigue-ku yan ginagu-hu.

One more thing before I go, I'm slowly but surely tagging all of my posts, and so instead of using the categories which run down the right side of the blog, you can now surf through my blog more easily by clicking on any of the post categories at the end of each post.

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Nonchalant said...

I wish you could give an explanation to all your paintings. You put them up, but I don't understand what they mean, why you paint them, and why they are significant to you? I look at them and I think some of them are either beautiful or atrociously gruesome. Perhaps your post would have been beneficial if you gave a description to them.


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