Monday, May 22, 2006

Tres Siete

I am looking for someone to tell me how to play the card game Tres Siete. I nobia-hu Si Madonna was kind and resourceful enough to get us a pack of cards while she was in Mexico over the weekend.

Amongst manamko' on Guam the game is a favorite, I last played several years ago with my auntie Vicki, her son and her sister in law. It was so much fun, despite me not being very good at it. My attitude towards my poor playing ability was always surprisingly positive. How much would basketball suck if everyone was Michael Jordan? How much better was watching the Chicago Bulls in the 1990's because they had the immortal Michael Jordan and guys like Randy Brown and Peter Myers?

My excuse when being chastised for my suckiness in Tres Siete was something similar. If all four players were pros, then it wouldn't be some climactic and gof dramatic battle, it would be a well played, but brutally monotonous deadlock. How much more exciting is the game when you pair up a 80 year old biha who is a pro of the Dededo Community Center Circuit and rules the tables at Guma' Trankilidat, with a guy whose only strategy for covering up his poor playing abilities is so be extremeley upfront about it and constantly invoke it to make the other players laugh. That is the description of a true pro, the ability to play with the worst of partners, and carry them and their lameness all the way to victory.

The fact that I have always played Tres Siete so poorly should therefore be conceived of as a kind of public service that I provide in terms of testing the skills of the skilled. Remember all those samurai and ninja texts about the never ending search of each true warrior, which is to find the person who is better than you, the person who carries their death with them? You search to test your skills, to meet your match, beat the best, become the greatest by facing down, in a duel that who is your rival, equal or better in skill? Well, that's nothing, true skill means finding the worst swordsman out there, and then facing off, stumbling, bumbling, and soon to be urine soaked comrade in tow, against the two other best fighters the way of the warrior has to offer. (this is probably why Jubei from Ninja Scroll and Ninja Scroll: The Series is such a consumate warrior, the three weaker and generally useless travelling partners of his, all survive the 13 episodes)

I'm eager to play Tres Siete poor skills be damned, but both me and Madonna can't remember all of the rules. Is there anyone out there who can give us a quick or detailed overview? And, if there is anyone out there in San Diego who is interested in playing let me know.

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