Sunday, May 29, 2005

Kao taklalu yu'?

Malago yu' na bei sangani hamyo despensa yu' yanggen kalang taklalu i sinangan-hu. Ti hu hasngon muna'taiguini lao sesso kalang mana'bubu yu', ya ti hu hulat muna'suha todu, ya pues machuda' didide' gi i tinige'-hu siha.

For the past few weeks I've seen a sharp increase in the amount of hate mail that I've been getting. Ai lana, manggof na'bubu este siha. So first off I want to apologize if my writing and emails have sounded a bit pissy.

See, I average a couple of hate emails a week. This in addition to the dozen or so nice emails I get, seeking information or responding to issues. The hate emails can be divided into three groups, religious Chamorros, patriotic people, and young Chamorros. Sure, there is some overlap but, the emails tend to fall obviously into one of these categories.

Religious Chamorros often send me emails telling me that they are praying for me. Praying that I renounce my sinful ways, that I see the light of the lord. They say that the United States is the chosen nation by God and that with my writings, my emails, my websites I am "spitting" in the face of God or vandalizing his handiwork.

Patriotic Chamorros often make the same arguments but use different language and metaphors to make their points. To them, I am spitting in the face of Uncle Sam, and I am "biting the hand that feeds me" and every other "lazy Chamorro on welfare." To them, the most natural and obvious rule of this world is that Guam is under the United States and that it must stay that way.

Young Chamorros are the ones that have been causing me the most trouble. A few days ago I posted about a young Chamorro who is looking to make Chamorro Hip Hop and refuses to listen to anything, and tends to just yell at anyone who even thinks about discussing "Chamorro Hip Hop." He isn't the only one I get regular angry emails from. Chamorros who email me sometimes don't like the responses I give. Young Chamorros who wander onto my message board thinking its just another hang out spot, sometimes get rudely awakened when people actually call them on their shit, and are actually forced to try and defend their positions.

So this is both apology for the past as well as a pre-emptive one. I've got to learn to stop letting these emails bother me.

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