Monday, August 16, 2004

No Rest for the Awake

Mata'ta'chong Si Buddha gi pappa' trongkon. Mientras me'meditate gui', maloffan un taotao, ya ha faisen Si Buddha un finaisen. Ilek-na i taotao, "Oh Buddha, kao Linanghet hao pat tinanao'?" Ineppe-na Si Buddha este ha', "taya', makmata ha' yu'."

While designing revolutionary t-shirts with a friend of mine in San Diego, she told me the above story. I think it fits mine, and the perspective of alot of activists and activated individuals out there. In that there is truly no rest, for those who can now see with eyes less clouded by fear or power. Once you are able to look beyond the looking glass, there isn't much reason to go back...

Hu takpangi este "no rest for the awake," put este na hinasso...para siha ni' manmakmata', ya ma komprende hafa mismo guaguaha yan maloloffan, ya ma li'e i eriyan-niha laklaru (pi'ot kinu ni' manlabachet) makkat mumaigo an pupuenge sa' todu i tiempo un hahasso na bulalalala ha' na debi di umacho'gue...

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may said...

i miss you, miget! can't wait to visit, sit on sandy dunes, eat chocolate cake, and foment a revolution of hearts and minds. no rest for the awake! (can we nap?) a lotus for you, may


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