Friday, August 27, 2004

DIASPORA sucks...

Last week I emailed out my notice to defend my thesis here at the University of Guam. I sent it out to everyone in my address book. For the last week I've been getting emails of support, solidarity and of course regret...

I say regret, because half of the emails are from people in my address book who are off-island. All these emails begin with statements like, "I'm sorry I'm not on island," or "If you pay for my airfare, then..."

The reality of diaspora. The internet and other forms of media and communication technology can make up for it, or limit it, but the harshness of the reality still persists. Chamorros as a people are being stretched thin, almost torn into two (or three depending on how you view the relationahsip between Guam and the CNMI). The diaspora continues to threaten our place on Guam, and the vitality of our culture.

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