Friday, February 17, 2017

Independent Guahan February GA


Will discuss the importance of environmental stewardship under the theme of “Hu Guaiya iya Guåhan.”

Independent Guåhan invites the public to its monthly General Assembly (GA) meeting on Thursday, February 23rd from 6 – 7:30 pm at the Main Pavilion of the Chamorro Village in Hagåtña. The theme for this GA is “Hu Guaiya Iya Guåhan” and will focus on efforts to encourage environmental stewardship through the revitalization of Chamorro values. 

The Inifresi outlines the six core elements that we must protect and defend in order to sustain and prosper as a community. This month’s GA will focus on the importance of tåno’ (land) and how an independent Guåhan can help protect this essential element of life. Over the past century, the Chamorro relationship to land has changed dramatically, primarily because of postwar displacement and changes in Guam’s economy. Land has moved from being something to which Chamorros felt intimately connected, to a commodity to be bought and sold. The educational discussion for this GA will propose ways in which Chamorro values rooted in sustainability and protection of our natural resources can be used as the basis for environmental and land regulations in an independent Guåhan.

This General Assembly will honor the late Melvin Borja as Independent Guåhan’s monthly Maga’taotao. Borja was a local biologist and environmentalist who was keenly aware of the impact colonization has played into changing the Chamorro relationship to Guam’s natural resources and the need to protect our fragile ecosystems and natural resources for future generations.

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