Thursday, November 03, 2016

I Manaitintanos

In this image we see Sumåhi and Akli'e' finishing up a 3D puzzle for the show The Walking Dead. 

I've only watched the first season and the kids refuse to watch any of it at all, but we saw this puzzle at a bargain store earlier this year and decided to grab it. At 150 pieces it isn't too exhausting. As trying to get the kids to finish puzzles with 500 or 1000 pieces can end up feeling like trying to get a fanihi to jump into a pot of boiling coconut milk. 
As zombies are so pervasive in popular culture nowadays, the kids and I have had plenty of conversations over the years about what word to use for zombies in Chamorro.

When the kids were much younger I would use the term "taitintanos" or "brainless" and zombies in general would be "i manaitintanos." 

This phrasing was cumbersome and confusing for the kids as zombies no longer moan "brains..." as they shamble. We later switched to "i mamomokkat na manmatai" or similar variations which means "the dead that are walking" but even this was problematic, as too often in zombie movies nowadays, as the kids have pointed out, "manmalalagu siha, ti manmamomokkat!" They are running, not walking!

Eventually the kids stopped using all the fancy names that I use for zombies gi Fino' Chamorro and started speaking Chamorro in the usual gagu' fashion. 

If you ask Sumåhi how to say zombie in Chamorro, she will say "yombie" with the first letter pronounced as a j sound.

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