Monday, July 11, 2016

Mensahi ginen i Gehilo' #16: Kao Siña ta Yamak i Chi-ta Siha?

I asunton decolonization gof takhilo' gi halacha na tiempo giya Guahan.

Magof yu' put este, sa' esta mas ki dies na sakkan hu kekechonnek este.

Lao, kada na manli'e' yu' kombetsaion pat diniskuti gi kumunidat put este, ha na'annok na ti manlisto hit.

Put hemplo, gi ma'pos na simana, humuyong na tinige' gi PDN put i salape' federat iya Guahan ha risisibi kada sakkan, ya put este na salape' siempre ti sina manindependente hit.

Esta manoppe ham yan si Victoria Leon Guerrero. In kattayi i editor para i PDN, ya esta mana'huyong i tinige'-mami.

Kada humalom yu' gi este na klasen diniskuti, hu huhungok i meggai na chinatkinemprende put decolonization yan i matulaika-ña i estao-ta pulitikat.

I mas takhilo' pat i mas atdet na prublema, ti i salape' federat, ti put taimanu na para ta difenden maisa hit, ti put taimanu na para ta na'ladangkolo i ekonomia-ta.

Todu enao siha, hunggan prublema, lao ti sen atdet. Guaha sina ta cho'gue put enao siha, meggai na chalan, meggai na sina na planu.

Lao i mas atdet na prublem gaige giya hita. Gaige gi hinasso-ta.

Kao sina ta yamak i chi-ta gi sanhalom-ta?

Kao sina ta fanmanimahina mo'na put este na lugat yan i lina'la'-ta?

Kao sina ta yamak i kadena gi tintanos-ta?

Kao sina ta sotta i guinife-ta ta'lo?

Estague un tinige' ginen as i difunta Chilang Bamba. Gi 1970s yan 1980s, macho'cho'cho' gui' para i Commission on Self-Determination ya ha representa i isla-ta gi konferensia taiguini giya Puerto Rico. Annok gi sinangan-ña i chi-ta komo taotao. Meggai na Chamorro manmanhahasso taiguini. Lao ti sina mangetu taiguini. Debi di ta atan mo'na yan hasso mo'na komo taotao.


Commonwealth and the Role of the Community
First International Sovereignty Conference, April 26 – May 2, 1980
San Juan, PR
Chilang Bamba

First of all, and speaking only for myself, although this perhaps may also represent the views of most Guamanians, I do not have the slightest interest in considering any program for Guam which would lead to independence from the great nation, the United States of America. On the contrary we in Guam are proud of our American citizenship, and have demonstrated on many occasions in the past, that we are willing to fight for it, and for the United States, when it is necessary to do so. However the fact that the people of Guam are proud to be Americans, does not mean that we agree with everything that the huge bureaus and agencies of the United States do…

I have found that it is very easy to become angry and upset because of these frustrations with federal officials, but then, I begin to analyze some of the things that our own local government does, which likewise causes frustrations and distress in our population. The conclusion I have reached, therefore is that dealing with government is always going to be a somewhat frustrating, but necessary experience.

---Nevertheless, it is our government, and I believe that it is our responsibility to present well-reasoned, well-documented, plans and petitions for change, as we believe it is necessary, and then persist in gaining recognition for these plans.

---Further, if independence is under consideration, we must carefully consider how lonesome we are going to be without the protection and the benefits of one of the few major powers in the world that really cares about our welfare. Further, I believe that it is also imperative that we consider, at every step of our studies, the economic impact of whatever it is we may wish to do… We, who are elected to lead them, should not take the slightest chance of depriving them of any of these necessities by some adventure, or experience, in the government process.

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