Sunday, January 11, 2015

10 Years

I completely neglected this during the past year, even though I would remember it every once in a while.

2014 was the ten-year anniversary of the starting of this blog, "No Rest for the Awake - Minagahet Chamorro."

I first began it in 2004, while I was preparing for graduate school in San Diego, California.

At that time I was running several websites with the help of a few other people, some of whom I haven't been in contact with for close to ten years.

It was a place for me to vent thoughts, share ideas, get the word out about things. It has been by now something that countless high school, middle school and college students use for their research papers. It is something that even other scholars have used on occasion for theoretical points.

I have posted on this blog 2121 times and it has been visited over 900,000 times.

Over the course of this blog's life I have had two children, finished a Ph.D., lost both my grandmothers, testified at the United Nations twice amongst so many other things.

I think in honor of this blog and its life thus far, I'll start a new one, with a few other friends. Check back here soon for more information on it.

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