Sunday, September 28, 2014

Marianas Indigenous Conference

I will be in Saipan for the next few days at this conference, the first annual Marianas Indigenous Conference. Here is the draft schedule for the event. I'm sure I'll be writing more about it in the coming week.



”Lessons Learned and A Way Forward”

2014 1st Annual Marianas Indigenous Conference
Multi-Purpose Center, Saipan
September 29th& 30th, 2014
7:30 AM – 4:30 PM

NMDC Vision:    A Self-Sustaining, Self-Governing Commonwealth whose destiny shall continue to remain in the hands of the Indigenous Chamorro and Carolinian people of Northern Marianas descent, in close partnership with other persons who are residents in the Commonwealth of the Northern Mariana Islands.

NMDC Mission:    Empowerment of the indigenous Chamorro and Carolinian people in the CNMI’s economic, social & political development and the preservation & promotion of its language and cultural identity.

Purpose: To bring about increased awareness about the indigenous identity and rights and other critical issues of the Marianas for a more informed and empowered indigenous population.

Theme: “Lessons Learned and A Way Forward.”

Moderators:  John Gonzales, Gary Sword, Kodep Ogumoro-Uludong

DAY 1:  Monday, Sept. 29th

7:30 AM            Registration

8:00 AM            Prayer, National Anthems, Color Guard

8:15 AM              Welcoming Remarks
                                  -Herman Deleon Guerrero, NMDC President

8:20 AM              Brief Remarks
                                - CNMI Governor Eloy Inos

8:30 AM            Keynote Speaker
                                - Former Guahan Senator Hope Cristobal

9:00 AM             Questions & Answers



9:20 AM    Political Status options: The Covenant and Decolonization
               i. Historical Background and Overview
               ii. SWOT

               Speakers:  Oscar C. Rasa, Atty. Horey, Vicente Santos, Selena Onedera-Salas (Guahan),
               Atty. Jesus C. Borja [5 minutes per speaker]

10:05 AM    Q&A

10:20 AM      BREAK

10:25 AM    Federalization
               i. Lessons Learned & Impact
ii. U.S. Immigration Modernization Bill (S.744) & Section 2109

                Speakers: Atty. Horey, Sec. of DOL Edith DLG, Chamber of Commerce Pres. Alex Sablan, USCIS
                Representative, Atty. Bruce Mailman [5 minutes per speaker]

11:45 AM    Q&A

12 Noon      LUNCH

1:00 PM   Article XII

               Speakers: Oscar Rasa, Atty. Vince Seman, Atty. Nicole Torres, DPL Sec. Pete A.              
Tenorio, Larry Cabrera, Fanai Castro (Guahan)   [5 minutes per speaker]

2:00 PM    Q&A

2:15 PM  BREAK

2:20PMSubmerged Lands & Adjacent Waters

               Speakers: Genevieve Cabrera, Atty. Rosemond Santos, Atty, Joe Taijeron , Atty. Julian   
James Hemsing Aguon (Guahan)  [5 minutes per speaker]

2:25PM  Q&A

3:50 PM   BREAK

4PM         Evaluation

DAY 2:  Sept. 30th

7:30 AM            Registration

8:00 AM            Welcoming & Overview


8:10 AM           Economic Self-Sufficiency:  Opportunities & Threats

 Speakers:  Sec. of Commerce Sixto Igisomar, CDA Executive Director Manuel C. Sablan, Tan Holding Representative, Best Sunshine Representative, Chamber of Commerce President Alex Sablan [5 minutes per speaker]

9:45 AM         Q&A

9:55 AM         BREAK

10:00 AM      Indigenous Language & Cultural Preservation

Speakers: Dr. Liz Rechebei, Dr. Michael Bevacqua (Guahan), Carmen Taimanao, CAO Executive Assistant Joe Limes, Kenneth Kuper (Guahan), Commissioner of Education Dr. Rita Sablan, DCCA Secretary Laura T. Ogumoro  [5 minutes per speaker]

11:40 AM        Q&A

12 NOON        LUNCH

1:00 PM          Formulation of Action Plan & Proposed Resolutions

3:45 PM          Evaluation

4:00 PM         Closing Remarks

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