Thursday, February 27, 2014

How Guam Was Created

I am presenting next week on the Chamorro creation story, where Puntan and Fu'una create Guam and Chamorros. There are so many different versions of it, most of which follow the same trajectory but focus and leave out certain elements. San Vitores recorded a version of the story. So did other priests. Freciynet did as well. Today there are different theories as to what it means and what the Chamorro relationship to these great spirits was. In some versions Puntan and Fu'una are depicted as equal, while in others they are not and Puntan is firmly in charge with Fu'una his loyal sidekick. For my presentation I will be discussing the way this story was used in the creation of a mural in the village of Humatak and how it can be essential in the project of decolonization. I need to get back to work on it, but I thought I would share real quick one version of the story, written in Chamorro and published by the Department of Education. It is titled "Hafa Taimanu na Mafa'tinas i Islan Guahan." I'll be talking more about my presentation in the next week, but for those wanting to practice their Chamorro, the text is below:


Hafa Taimanu na Mafa’tinas i Islan Guahan

Ginen un tiempo tatte gi estoria-ta, tinampe i tano’ ni hanom, ya taya’ lugat para sagan-niha I taotao. Lao duranten este na tiempo gi estoria meggai i higante siha gi tano’. Manmipudet este na higante. Ya gof sina ma tulaika I fotman I tano’.

I mas muna’sina chumo’gue este na tinilaika era Si Puntan yan i che’lu-na as Fu’una.

Esta a’amko’ Si Puntan ya mumalago’ na para u guaha takhilo’ bida-na antes di u matai. Pues ha agang i che’lu-na as Fu'una ya ha eksplikayi hafa para u cho’gue ni’ tataotao-na. Ti mappot ete na minalago’ sa’ para u irensa I che’lu-na ni’ pakto-na.

Para u tinilaika i tano’ ginen inayudan Fu'una yan i tahtaotao Puntan.
Ginen i dos atadok-na na u ma fa’tinas i atdao yan i pilan.
Ginen i sehas-na na u ma fa’tinas isa ni’ bonito na kulot siha.
Ginen i pecho’-na na u ma fa’tinas i mikulot na langhet.
Gi finaitai-na na inesgue Si Puntan ni’ che’lu-na. Ha fa’tinas un dangkoluon acho’ ginen I pakto-na annai ha batte i edda’ agaga’ Guahan yan i hanom tasi.

Ginen este na acho’ yan baras siha, na manmafa’tinas i taotao Guahan.

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