Sunday, November 03, 2013

Sumahi at Pagat

Sumahi has been to Pagat several times at different points in her life.

She first went there as a small baby who was carried most of the time and didn't really do much on the hike except be carried.

She later went as a still small child who walked a little bit, but was still carried quite a bit.

The last time she went, she walked most of it, but was carried over the limestone rope path. By the time she got to the cliffs though she was tired and not really into the hike anymore and just wanted to go home.

This weekend however, she was for the first time truly into the hike.

She walked the entire way and did not fuss or complain even though it was raining at the beginning.

As you can see in the picture, she got to wear a trash bag rain coat and that was pretty fun for her.

She arrived at the cliffs and for the first time was amazed at the ocean. She stared excitedly as the waves crashed and kept talking about them and asking about them.

The high point was the cave.

Sumahi got to visit the freshwater cave for the first time and swim in it.

She enjoyed herself so much she refused to leave and pouted for most of the hike back that she couldn't swim anymore.

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