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2nd Marianas History Conference Schedule

On August 30th I'll be presenting at the 2nd Annual Marianas History Conference at UOG. Here is the schedule thus far for those who might be interested in attending. The website to find more information is:

And here is a video of two of the organizers Dr. Anne Hattori (from UOG) and Rita Nauta from Guampedia giving an interview on KUAM News Extra:

Tentative Conference Schedule

Thursday, August 29
5:30 pm Welcoming Reception: Paseo, Hagåtña
Friday, August 30
8:30-9:30 am Keynote Address, Dr. Keith L. Camacho, CLASS Lecture Hall, UOG
9:30-10 am Break
10 – 11:30 am Session 1 (A and B)
Session 1A: Chamorro Agency in the Spanish Marianas
  • David Atienza: The Mariana Islands Militia and the Establishment of the “Pueblos de Indios”: Indigenous Agency in Guam from 1668 to 1758
  • Carlos Madrid: 1800´s in the Marianas: A Nation in the Making
  • Mariana Sanders, Francine Clement and Carla Smith: Social Realities and Legal Regulations – A Snapshot of Guam in 1886 as Seen Through the Bando General by Governor Olive
 Session 1B: Japan and the Marianas
  • Evelyn Flores: Subversive Women: Excavating Chamorro Women’s Acts of Resistance During WWII
  • Sung Young Cho: Memories of the Koreans in the Mariana Islands During Japanese Rule
  • Mark Ombrello: The South Seas on Display in Japan: Yosano Tekkan’s “Nanyōkan” and South Seas Discourse of the Early 20th Century
 11:30 am -12:30 pm Lunch
12:30-2 pm Session 2 (A and B)
Session 2A: Political Leadership and Identity Politics
  • Michael Lujan Bevacqua: Jumping the Fence: An Evaluation of Nasion Chamoru and its Impact on Contemporary Guam
  • William Torres: Saipan and Northern Islands Leadership Kiosku Project
  • Guadalupe Borja-Robinson: The Early Political Status Talks on Saipan Leading to the Plebiscite Vote of US Commonwealth Status in 1975: A Personal Perspective
 Session 2B: The Arts
  • Don Rubinstein: The Artist Paul Jacoulet in Micronesia
  • Monica Okada Guzman: Masters in Traditional Art
  • Sandy Flores Uslander: Dance to Unite all Chamorros: As Uno Hit – We Are One
2 – 2:10 pm Break
2:10-3:40 pm Session 3 (A and B)
Session 3A World War II Military History
  • James Oelke Farley: Under the Gun: The US Stronghold at Mount Tenjo, Guam
  • Dave Lotz: US Submarine Patrols to the Mariana Islands
  • Ryu Arai: Representations of War Memories on Guam from Three Perspectives of “Chamorro”, “Japanese” and “American”
 Session 3B Cultural History
  • Fermina Sablan: Living Languages and Indigenous Spaces
  • Maria Manglona Takai: Chamorro Music: Through the Heart of Alexandro “The Colonel” Sablan
  • Jillette Leon-Guerrero: Across The Water in Time
 3:40-3:50 pm Break
3:50 – 5:20 pm Session 4 (A and B)
Session 4A: Spain in the Marianas
  • Francis Hezel: The So-Called “Spanish-Chamorro War”
  • Omaira Brunal-Perry: The Early European Exploration in Micronesia
  • Darlene Moore: Where is the Gold? Silver and Copper Coins Recovered from Two Historic Sites on Guam
 Session 4B: Sociological Crisis
  • Camarin Meno: Stories of Survival: Oral Histories of Coping and Resilience in Response to Domestic Violence in Guam
  • Linda Song and Dominique Ong: The Transformation of Guam’s Penal System: Retribution to Rehabilitation
  • Iain Twaddle: Historical Context of Suicide in Guam
 Saturday, August 31
8:30-9:30 am Keynote Address, Dr. Anne Perez Hattori, CLASS Lecture Hall
9:30- 10 am Break
10-11:30 am Session 1 (A, B and C)
Session 1A: Culture and Identity
  • Mario Borja: The Sakman Story
  • Rosalind Hunter-Anderson: Migration for Settlement or Home Range Expansion: What Caused People to First Come to the Marianas c. 3500 Years Ago?
  • Nicholas Goetzfridt: The Metaphysical Guahan
 Session 1B: Religious Conversion
  • Michael Clement, Sr.: Colonial Perspective on Music Instruments of Guam
  • Judy Flores: Choco the Chinaman as a Member of Chamorro Society
  • Nicholas Sy: Demons Described, Demons Discredited: How 17th Century Jesuit Missionaries to the Marianas Addressed Indigenous Beliefs
 Session 1C: World War II Memories
  • Jessica Jordan: “Islands too Beautiful for their Names”: Northern Mariana Indigenous Islander Memories and National Histories
  • Leiana Naholowa’a: Unspeakable Survival: Sexual Violence against Women during the Japanese Occupation of Guam
  • Yumiko Imaizumi: Marianas under Japanese Naval Administration (1914-1922)
11:30 am – 12:30 pm Lunch
12:00-12:30. Poster Q&A Session
 12:30-2 pm Session 2 (A and B)
Session 2A: HI 450 Student Presentations
  • Ana Leon Guerrero and Michael Clement, Jr.: Giya Double A: Tracing the Development of the 1980s Chamorro Music Nightclub Scene
  • Victoria Guiao: Brigido Hernandez: A Pre-War Chamoru Identity in the Context of Guam’s Developing Economy in the 1970s
  • Elyssa Santos: A History of the Guam Farmer’s Market
Session 2B: Post World War II Culture on Guam
  • Lisa Linda Natividad: I Mangaffa Siha: Late Colonial Conceptualizations of the Chamorro Family
  • Tabitha Espina: The Sapin Sapin Generation: Identity Formation of Second Generation Filipinas on Guam
  • Annette Kang: Assessment of the Interacting Effects of Guamanian and Asian Cultures on the Youth
2 – 2:10 pm Break
2:10 – 3:40 pm Session 3 (A and B)
Session 3A: Political Futures
  • Vicente (ben) Pangelinan: Galvanizing Past and Present Threats to Chamorro Homelands
  • John Castro, Jr. and Diego Kaipat: Guardians of Gani: Protecting Pagan for Future Generations
  • Don Farrell: Marianas Reunification Efforts
 Session 3B: Biological and Biomedical Marianas
  • Tricia Lizama: Survival of Traditional Healing on Guam
  • Robert Bevacqua: History of Guahan’s Flora
  • Vince Diego: Birth-Month Seasonality and the Secondary Sex Ratio in Guamanian Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis and Parkinsonism-Dementia Complex: Implications for Infectious Disease and Environmental Etiologie
 6 – 10 pm Banquet at the Guam Sheraton, Tamuning (Speaker Dr. Robert Underwood) Performance by Pa’a Taotao Tano and Band: The Conference

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