Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Threatening Thoughts

For the next week I'll be posting some of my thoughts on the North Korea threat issue. These opinions aren't the type you'll hear in most of the Guam media, lao put este na rason na hu fa'tinas este na blog. Sa' ti meggai na inayek guini put media. Ma'i'ot dimasiao i "opinion" put gof impottante na asunto. 
Este na hinasso siha, iyo-ku ha'. Ginnen i hinasso-ku, ginnen i inaligao-hu. Ti gof fayi yu' put i estao gi halom North Korea. 
Here are some of my thoughts on the North Korea threat issue. When you are a strategically important place like Guam, you can always use something like this, the danger around you, to get more of the things you might not be able to get otherwise. As a result you can get recognized, you can get cheered on, you can get seen as more American than usual. But there is a cost, and it increases the more you take advantage of this strategic value. The more you pray for war, the more you pine for the benefits that the potential conflict can give you, the more you identify yourself as a friendly neighborhood target for those seeking to weaken the United States. Strategically lonely distant outposts like Guam do not exist to defend themselves, they exist to act as buffers and as sacrificial pawns to protect the center, in this case the United States. The more you lobby based on war and the threat of war, and the more you militarize Guam, the sharper the sacrificial knives become, the closer they loom over the island. For all the rhetoric of Guam being defended, we should always keep in mind that the political, social, cultural and geographic gulfs between Guam and the United States, there is also a strategic one. In any serious conflict on this side of the world the United States will survive, it’s Guam that won’t.

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