Monday, January 09, 2012

An Eventful Year for We Are Guahan

From We Are Guahan:

This year was an eventful year for We Are Guahan. The organization helped organize over 11 hikes to historic sites on Guam, announced a high school scholarship program and enjoyed a historic legal victory against DOD in the lawsuit to save Pagat Village. We Are Guahan would like to extend a dangkulu na Si Yu’us Ma’ase for your continued support of our efforts. Special thanks to Dr. Miget Lujan Bevacqua for coordinating and assisting in the organizing of the Heritage Hikes, Alissa Eclavea for her efforts to raise funds for the GAPSS scholarship program, all of the artists who have volunteered their time and creativity for the Prutehi yan Difendi campaign and everyone else who supported us this year. We look forward to being involved in more things in the year to come. Below is a chronological summary of just some of the activities We Are Guahan was a part of in 2011:

February 2011

•2/14: Sticker-up day to spread awareness about Pagat Lawsuit.

•2/25: Release of Grey Paper on Traffic

March 2011

•3/12: Hike to Tumon Bay (Part of “Un Nuena Na Inatan” Heritage Hike Series)

•3/15: Presentation given to Rotary Club of Guam Sunrise

•3/19: Hike to Pagat Village

•3/26: Hike to Cetti Bay and Sella Bay

April 2011

•4/13: Release of Grey Paper on Jungle

May 2011

•Launch of “Prutehi yan Difendi” bus stop painting campaign. To date, volunteers have painted 4 bus stops in 3 villages and a mural in Piti

June 2011

•6/12: Hike to Hila’an Village (Part of “I Kantan i Latte Siha” Heritage Hike Series)

•6/18: Hike to Haputo Village

•6/25: Hike to Pagat Village

July 2011

•7/2: Hike to Almagosa Springs / Falls

August 2011

•Launch of Guam Alumni of the Public School System (“GAPSS”) scholarship program

September 2011

•9/22: Scoping meeting on MITT-EIS

•9/28: Present at UOG forum hosted by Guam Coalition for Peace and Justice regarding Pagat Lawsuit

October 2011

•10/13: Scoping meeting on “divert” facilities

•10/22: Hike to Ague Cove (Part of “Na’i’ Tatte, Chule’ Tatte” Heritage Hike Series)

•10/24: Provide comments on Public Access Plan to historic sites controlled by DOD

•10/30: Hike to Hila’an Village

November 2011

•11/1: Present to Rotary Club of Tumon Bay

•11/5: Hike to Pagat Point

•11/16: Village meeting to discuss Compatibility Sustainability Study

•11/16: DOD files declaration agreeing to relief requested

•11/18: Press conference to discuss Pagat Lawsuit

December 2011
•12/6: Fundraiser celebrating 2 years of WAG

•12/12: Hearing scheduled for Pagat Lawsuit

•12/17: Hike to Haputo Village

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