Friday, November 11, 2011

99% Stickers

From Common Dreams:

We are the 99%

Order your bumper stickers today.

All orders received by 2pm ET M-F will ship the same day.

Stickers are Black & White on 4" x 4" vinyl w/union label.

Price includes all shipping costs.

1 Sticker = $2.00

10 Stickers = $10.00

100 Stickers = $30.00

1,000 Stickers = $200.00


This effort is not a fundraiser for Common Dreams - these prices just

cover the cost of printing and processing.


1 comment: said...

Thank you! I wasn't sure it was going to be worth it at first. The ext ra work I had to put into it was insane but I am loving the finished product. I'm happy everyone else seems to love it too.
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