Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Bittersweet Victory in South Sudan

From the Save Darfur Coalition:

“We are very thankful to America, those people who saw the suffering of their brothers and sisters. It is not our success alone. It is the success of everyone… from all over the world.” –Bishop Paride Taban

Two days ago South Sudan became an independent nation and I was honored to witness this historic event in person.

“It’s a miracle,” one Southerner exclaimed. “A dream has come true,” said another. So many people wanted me to know how important the support of the U.S. and the international community was in making that dream a reality.

I’m hosting a live webcast this Thursday, July 14th, to talk about my experience and the challenges facing both North and South Sudan. Click here to RSVP.

I also shot a quick video to give you a first look at what it was like to be in Juba as South Sudan declared its independence:

Video Blog: Week 2 from South Sudan from sara fusco on Vimeo.

Watch the video now and then join me on Thursday for the live webcast to talk about the trip.

While we celebrate this tremendous moment for South Sudan, we must rededicate ourselves to the people of North and South Sudan who are most vulnerable. During my travels I heard story after story of the horrors caused by the government-sponsored violence that has displaced more than 350,000 people in Darfur, Abyei and South Kordofan this year.

We have a responsibility to act before the death toll rises further. We must honor those who have been lost and help those who are suffering now by demanding decisive action from our leaders.

Being in Juba on July 9th was an experience I will never forget. And like Bishop Taban, many people I met expressed appreciation for Americans who stood up to call for U.S. action. We must continue to support civilians in both North and South Sudan by spreading the word and calling on our elected leaders to help prevent further violence.

Thank you for your continued support. Please take a moment now to RSVP for the webcast on July 14th.


Tom Andrews
Save Darfur Coalition


The Save Darfur Coalition — an alliance of more than 190 faith-based, advocacy and human rights organizations — raises public awareness about the ongoing crisis in Darfur and mobilizes a unified response to promote peace throughout the Darfur region and all of Sudan. The coalition's member organizations represent 130 million people of all ages, races, religions and political affiliations united together to help the people of Sudan. Please join the movement at

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