Tuesday, April 26, 2011

UOG Screenings of Guahan: Fanhasso, Fanhita, Fanachu

Inetnon Gefpago is proud to present three special screenings of Guahan: Fanhasso, Fanhita, Fanachu at the University of Guam this week.

April 27 - 11 am  and 6:30 pm
April 29 - 11 am

At the CLASS Lecture Hall

The duration of each screening is 2 1/2 hours.

Admission is $10.

If you are a student of mine at UOG (and there are close to 200 of you) then you can get extra credit for attending.

Gof magof hu na ma fa'nu'nu'i este giya UOG. Hu ayuda fuma'tinas este, yan Hami yan i male'-ku as Victoria tumuge' gui'.

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ñalang said...

correction: there are three screenings total, the daytime ones on wednesday and friday are from 11-2pm! and each screening is two hours. see you there!


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