Sunday, March 27, 2011


(featured in picture: fearsome hikers Jon Glaser, Nate Denight and Ken Kuper, manabak siha gi i saddok Cetti)
Earlier today we finished our last hike of We Are Guahan's second batch of Heritage Hikes. I lead and organized with Leevin Camacho our first round last November, which was a huge success with around 150 attending our three hikes. This time around we got 130 for hikes at Tumon Bay, Pagat and Cetti and Sella Bays.

Gof yafai yu' pa'go. I hike-mami ginnen Cetti asta Sella gof makkat pa'go. Manmamokkat ham noskuantos na miyas gi un okso', un saddok yan i kanton tasi. Tinaka' sais oras gi todu. Daggau yu' didide', maka'guas yu' meggai gi i kannai-hu, yan machefchef i tomo' addeng-hu. Gigon na matto yu' gi i gima'-hu lumalango yu' gi i katre, ya mumaigo' yu' tres oras.

Achokka' mamumuti yu' pa'go, gof magof hu put i chine'guen-mami gi este na hikes, ya esta listo yu' para bei in fanche'gue i otro na hikes gi i mamaila na summer.

I'll keep people posted on when the next hikes are going to be, and we're hoping to include some new sites possibly on DOD properties or to Hila'an which was in the news recently as land which was supposed to be returned long ago and is finally being given back to GovGuam.

Below is the interview that me and Leevin did for Kuam News Extra about the hikes:

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