Saturday, July 17, 2010

No Blog This Week

My apologies but for the next week or so I won't be posting much on this blog.

A big side project has just fallen in my lap and so it'll be taking up all my free time for the next week and so I doubt I'll be able to find time to post here.

Its actually very frustrating writing this sort of post/non-post, because for the next week I won't be writing about things going on, but that in no way means the world stops and waits for me to finish up. Things are happening right now, which I desperately wish I could write more about. There are plenty of updates about the struggle of the Gangjeong Villagers in Jeju which I haven't had time to write about. Guam will be getting the final version of the EIS for its military buildup in the next few weeks and from the previews that people have gotten so far, it doesn't look good. The military plans to move ahead with closing off the Pagat area for part of the year.

So even though I won't be here, I might use the excuse of me not having time to write, to simply post things from others, news, events and so on.

You can also always check out my bloglist to the left side of the blog, which has links to all the latest posts from various blogs dealing with Guam, Pacific, Peace and Chamorro issues.

See everyone in a week!

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Drea said...

My parents and nephew went to the show last night. My mom was very excited that she got one of your pieces.


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